1/25/19 Update

This is a small update, only fixing a couple of bugs and adding a quality-of-life feature. You can now skip the splash screen by pressing the spacebar, and you can now restart the current level with the R key

Although this is only a small update, we're going to continue working on this game until it's finished. We already have some ideas for new content and concepts, plus some changes we can make to improve the gameplay. However, none of this is included in this update. Hopefully if our schedules allow, we'll have something substantial soon. We're a team of two full-time students, so working on this while managing other obligations is a challenge. We'll do our best to maintain and update the project as much as we can.


  • Added the ability to skip the splash screen.
  • Added the ability to restart the current level.
  • Tweaked some platform properties to try and improve platforming on level 2.
  • Fixed some critical collision bugs. There may still be issues with this, especially on level 2.
  • Fixed some sprite rendering bugs.
  • Fixed some small, miscellaneous bugs


ancients-windows-x86.zip 31 MB
Version 0.0.1485.4792 Jan 26, 2019
ancients-osx.zip 33 MB
Version 0.0.1485.4792 Jan 26, 2019

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