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A boy gets off a train, and feels an urge to focus on a thought in his head. He discovers that concentrating on that thought seems to move him into a whole new world. He can do it freely at will and has some fun flipping between his own reality and this new one that seems to exist. Suddenly he is made aware of a presence following him, a monster in the new reality is pursuing him.

While invisible in his original reality, the new reality he can see makes it clear that he is being chased. No amount of focusing can shake this creature approaching him, and switching realities doesn't seem to slow this creature down.

His only option is to run.

Ancients in New York is a "Gameboy" themed platformer with horror elements, made for the Bored Pixels Jam 3. This is our first game jam, so unfortunately the game is not 100% complete. This version contains two levels, which should adequately demonstrate the game mechanics.

Sponge: Programming, Game Design, UI/UX
Lushimi: Programming, Game Design, Art, Music
Special thanks to Mindy and Joshua Choi for the main song!

WASD or Arrow Keys
Confirm: Enter
Flip: Left or Right Shift
Jump: Space
Preview: Hold 'F'
At the moment, the game is only playable with a keyboard.


  • Thick platforms are safe, but thin platforms might be risky when flipping.
  • To toggle full-screen, press Alt+Enter.
  • To quit the game, press Alt+F4 or close the window.

Install instructions

Thanks for trying our game!

We recommend you use itch.io's app to download the game, it'll receive new updates automatically.

Windows: Unzip the folder and run Ancients.exe
Mac: Double-click the .zip file, then move Ancients to your Applications folder.

Warning: While adjustments have been made to the volume of the game, currently there are no sound settings, so you may want to turn it down in the Windows Volume Mixer.


ancients-windows-x86.zip 31 MB
Version 0.0.1485.4792 Jan 26, 2019
ancients-osx.zip 33 MB
Version 0.0.1485.4792 Jan 26, 2019

Development log


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Do you plan on finishing the game?

Yes there's already plans for a third level and lots of ideas with our dimension flipping mechanic! There's also the glaring issue of hitbox collisions that will be addressed with the next update :D